Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – Thankfulness

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have relighted the flame within us.”
Albert Schweitzer
The Fed minutes noted that inflation remains persistently subdued.
No surprise there, since top down stimulus to my knowledge has never worked, and is certainly not doing anything now except distorting the economy with asset bubbles and straining the social fabric.
So let’s pass a massive tax cut that favors, to a remarkable degree, the already wealthy.
Peak hubris.
Today was a very productive day, despite the cold and wind interspersed with fluffy clouds and sun. It was almost a type of what life is like, with the good mixed with the not so good.

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Next Time You Talk to a Gold Bear, Show Them These Charts

If you look at gold’s performance over the last few months, or even quarters, it would be hard to feel much excitement.
Stocks are near all-time highs, oil is roaring back, and Bitcoin has blasted off.
Meanwhile, gold sentiment is negative.
Getting almost anyone excited about gold seems like a monumental task; it appears to be stuck in a trading range that’s going nowhere fast.
Unless you’re looking at what I’m looking at right here…
From Around the World, the View Couldn’t Be Better
Traders and investors obsessing and, inevitably, fretting, over gold’s performance at yearly or quarterly timescales, like in the chart below, simply aren’t looking in the right place.

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Asian Metals Market Update: November-22-2017

It will be a technical trade today and till Monday. Moves will be big and two way. Investors will not be able to sleep on their investments. It should be a day trader’s paradise till Monday. Copper, industrial metals and crude oil are looking bullish at the moment. Gold and silver are in anything can happen zone. Short term hot money is still into bitcoin and crypto currencies.
I read a lot of media concerns over the continued rise in bitcoin and crypto currencies. Asia is not a major contributor to the current rally in crypto’s.

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Using Gold to See Where the Dollar Will Move Next

I’ve written a lot about how the US dollar is the fulcrum of the global financial system.
Commodities are priced in dollars. Global trade is done in dollars. And the majority of international funding is in USD.
The dollar is important. Dollar trends impact markets and assets around the world in various ways. Hence why the dollar is the fulcrum.
But if the dollar is the fulcrum then gold is the foundation on which that fulcrum sits
I should make clear, I’m no gold bug and have no special affinity for the yellow metal.
But when it comes to analyzing assets and markets we run into a measurement problem. That measurement problem is due to the fact that things that are priced in US dollars, or any currency, fluctuate according to the price of the currency in addition to the good’s underlying supply and demand fundamentals (ie, the price of oil is impacted by the relative price of a US dollar).

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The Precious Metals Bears’ Fear of Fridays

Peculiar Behavior In the last issue of Seasonal Insights I have shown that the gold price behaves quite peculiarly in the course of the trading week. On average, prices rise almost exclusively on Friday. It is as though investors in this market were mired in deep sleep for most of the week.
Upon this I received a plethora of inquiries from readers regarding the corresponding moves in silver. In response examine the behavior of the silver market on individual days of the week in this issue of Seasonal Insights.

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Geopolitical Risk Highest ‘In Four Decades’ – Gold Demand in Germany and Globally to Remain Robust

– Geopolitical risk highest ‘in four decades’ should push gold higher – Citi
– Elections, political and macroeconomic crises and war lead to gold investment
– Political uncertainty in Germany means ‘gold likely to remain in good demand as a safe haven’ say Commerzbank
– ‘There has rarely been such political uncertainty in Germany at any time in the country’s post-war history’ – Commerzbank
– Reduce counter party risk: own safe haven allocated and segregated gold
Editor: Mark O’Byrne
The geopolitical case for gold investment has been emboldened due to heightened and ongoing geopolitical risk, according to Citi analysts.
In every continent, there appears to be major political upset and geopolitical risk against a background of growing economic uncertaintly and turmoil. Just this week we have seen the US declare North Korea’s leader a ‘sponsor’ of terrorism, Angela Merkel seemingly lose her political dominance in Germany and the EU and the Gulf countries ramp up fear mongering regarding Iran.

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7 Reasons Why Stocks No Longer Care About Political Shocks, And 2 Why They Should

Why do global equity markets ignore political shocks like Brexit, President Trump’s election or the news that Angela Merkel failed to form a government in Germany? There are plenty of good reasons, actually, which we review below.
News that German Chancellor Angela Merkel failed to form a new government was the big shock of the day. It is unclear if the country will have a minority coalition or call fresh snap elections. The New York Times quoted a Der Spiegel deputy bureau head as saying ‘This is Germany’s Brexit moment, its Trump moment’.
Capital markets agreed with the Trump/Brexit comparison, sending the DAX up 0.5% on the day. Every other major European bourse closed in the green as well. As did the US.
All of this got us thinking (again) about why stock markets ignore politics and government when it comes to ‘Crisis moments’. It wasn’t too hard to come up with several explanations.
Reason #1: The Brexit vote and Trump election are fresh in investors’ minds, and they feel they know the ‘Crisis playbook’ well at this point. Buy any notionally negative political headline first, look for the silver linings later. Muscle memory is a powerful behavioral force.

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Tactics For The Gold Bull Era

Gold surged higher on Friday. Then it gave all the gains back yesterday. Looking beyond this short term noise, gold is not an exciting market right now. What could make that change? Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. Gold is trading in a rough sideways trend with an upside bias. This bias continues to strengthen, albeit very slowly. The technical action reflects the fundamentals and liquidity flows and clearly, patience. On that note, please click here now. I jokingly refer to the SPDR fund as ‘Spider Man’. Chindian demand is decent, but Spider Man looks like he’s caught in his own web; while there’s no significant selling, buying has come to a standstill. If Chindian demand is solid, gold doesn’t really need a lot of Western fear trade buying to move higher, but it must have some. That’s just not happening right now. The winds of change may be in the air, with US wage inflation pressures intensifying, an approaching debt ceiling debate, and a new Fed chair who stands ready to significantly reduce bank regulation. Without a bull cycle in money velocity, gold stocks and silver stocks will have a very hard time outperforming bullion on a consistent basis. The good news: these winds of change (especially the small bank deregulation favoured by Fed chair Powell) mean there is a very high probability that US money velocity ends its two decade bear market in 2018.

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There is a new trend by individuals in the alternative media community who are now selling out of precious metals and buying into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. While this may seem like a good idea, especially when Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies reach new all-time highs, it is likely a big mistake. Now, I am not saying that individuals shouldn’t invest in cryptocurrencies. Rather, it’s a lousy idea to sell all of one’s precious metals holdings and put it all into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Recently, Sean at SGTReport published a short video in which part of the headlined was titled as ‘SILVER BULL CAPITULATES.’ In the video, Sean explains how past frequent guest and precious metal analyst, Andy Hoffman, has sold out of all his silver and is now only in Bitcoin and gold. Andy explains in his interview on Crush The Street that he sold all of his silver this summer as he really has no interest in it. He goes on to say, ‘Because, in a digital age, I just don’t believe people are going to store thousands of pounds of silver hoping that the gold-silver ratio is going to come down.’

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