A Wall Street Pro’s View On Bitcoin, Blockchain, & Bullion

Paul Brodsky explains the philosophy behind crypto investing…
Paul Brodsky is usually ahead of the curve. He traded options at the American Stock Exchange before they became mainstream, and then moved to mortgage-backed securities at Kidder Peabody in the 1980s.
After he figured out the flaws in the financial system, he became interested in gold – just before its bull run at the turn of the millennium.
Now he sees the next big opportunity, and he joined other seasoned Wall Street professionals at the first full-fledged cryptocurrency hedge fund Pantera Capital.
In this interview, Brodsky tells us how he came to see crypto as the next big thing, and what investors need to know to be successful in the space.
Epoch Times: Tell us more about your background in finance.
Paul Brodsky: What I’ve been attracted to has been where the most interesting aspect of finance was. Initially, when I got into the business it was options.
That ultimately got me into mortgage-backed securities which has a heavy option component.

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Gold, Bitcoin and the Blockchain Replaces the Banks – Realists Guide To The Future

– Futurist guide to 2028 shows a world of uncertainty and disruption
– One scenario suggests cybersecurity attacks will result in bitcoin and blockchain’s dominance of financial systems
– Cybersecurity threat will still loom large and wreak havoc. Gold, silver and other real assets will benefit.
– Adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain will send gold price soaring
– Use of cryptocurrencies to take advantage of world systems will see investors turn to safe havens such as gold bullion and coins
The media is filled with predictions for 2018. Will Trump survive another year? How will Brexit negotiations play out? Can bitcoin recover from its recent fall? What fake news will create the next disruption to the apparent status quo?

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There’s One Ledger – It’s Called Blockchain

Another bitcoin expert, Peter van Velckenberg, spills the beans and perfectly describes the ‘decentralized’ ‘private’ aspect of owning bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency that lives on a blockchain, and uses said cryptocurrency to conduct any transaction via blockchain technology. Remember, it’s all about blockchain technology.
At approximately the 15:46 mark Peter van Velckenberg states the following:
Now the non-traceable is the other aspect I wanted to address. We talked about the fundamental innovation as to how this thing (bitcoin) works. It works because there’s a ledger. Not only is that ledger traceable, with perfect fidelity, and there’s only one version of it; not a bunch of records kept by five different international correspondent banks that don’t record beneficial ownership of shell companies that open accounts. There’s one ledger it’s called the blockchain. If you know that someone received a payment at an address on that blockchain you see with perfect fidelity every transaction into and out of that address and this is exactly the type of technological tool that law enforcement has used to apprehend the people that have used these networks for bad purposes. Ross Ulbrecht, the guy that created the Silk Road he was caught with his laptop in front of him. They opened it up, they found the public address where he was receiving payments from the Silk Road drug market and that’s unimpeachable evidence that he benefited from every single atomistic transaction for drugs or heroin that happened on that website.
There is nothing more that needs to be added to this information except – if you think for one second that your blockchain transactions are private, decentralized and untraceable please re-read the above or listen to the words coming out of Peter’s mouth in the video below. We have been warning people for months and months to stay away from this NSA/MIT created nightmare and if you want private, decentralized money and a store of wealth then you should acquire gold, silver or diamonds. You can always use your favorite wholesaler, but there would be a record of that transaction – but, you could store your physical gold/silver/diamonds off shore in a gold/silver safe region. If you want true decentralized, privacy acquire gold, silver and/or diamonds with cash conducted with another person face-to-face. Remember handshakes? Well, those are 100% decentralized and untraceable. Blockchain transactions, no so much.

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Tales From the Cryptomania – Part I

Hoping to strike it rich, ‘junior miners’ like to dig holes in the ground after they secure funding. When times are good money is easily attracted and many holes are dug, and when times are bad some juniors are forced to close up shop. Then we have today:
‘Guyana Goldstrike Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company has been meeting and consulting with experts in the blockchain and cyptocurrency sector to ascertain the feasibility of financing the Marudi Gold Project through the issuance of an Initial Coin Offering (‘ICO’) on the Ethereum blockchain platform.’ (Guyana Goldstrike)
Why, exactly, does Guyanna require ‘cryptocurrency’ experts to help fund its drilling activities (and yes, in a mad rush to press Guyana misspelled ‘cryptocurrency’)? Because, akin to attaching a dot com at the end of your name in the late 1990s, aligning yourself with anything crypto related today can be pure gold.

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