Fiat Flameout: Hi Ho Silver!

1. While many gold market technicians have been neutral to slightly negative about gold in the short term, I’ve been extremely positive.
As of today, I’ve become outrageously more positive. To understand why that is, please click here now. Double click to enlarge this spectacular daily gold chart. I’ll dare to suggest that gold investors have behaved very well this year. As a result of that behaviour, Santa has put a beautiful bull wedge breakout into everybody’s Christmas stocking! The near-immediate price target is $1310, but $1360 should also be hit during what looks to be a very positive Chinese New Year season. Do the festivities extend to gold stocks as well? Absolutely! Please click here now. Double click to enlarge this GDX chart. GDX is sporting a great looking inverse head and shoulders bottom, and the rally from the head of the pattern has a bull pennant formation breakout in it. This is quite exciting. For gold stock investors around the world, it is really ushering in the new year in a great way. I’ve suggested that the $25 – $26 target zone is likely to turn out to be little more than a pitstop on the road to the $35 area.

This post was published at SilverSeek on December 26th.

What Peak Gold, Interest Rates And Current Geopolitical Tensions Mean For Gold in 2018

What Peak Gold, Interest Rates And Current Geopolitical Tensions Mean For Gold in 2018
– Peak gold will be a major driver, gold over $5,000/oz ‘not beyond the realms of possibility’
– Relationship between interest rates and inflation are one of the key catalysts for price
– Geopolitical uncertainty will continue to play a key role in determining the price of gold
– What happens when the unstoppable force of robust global demand for gold meets the immovable object of a small, finite, rare and dwinding supply of physical gold?
The editors over at The Daily Reckoning have taken some time to speak to gold market experts about their thoughts and expectations for the precious metal in the new year.
There were two main catalysts mentioned by both the experts and the editors; the relationship between interest rates and inflation, and mounting geopolitical tensions.

This post was published at Gold Core on December 20, 2017.

WGC: 2018 Set To Be A Positive Year For Price of Gold and Investors

WGC: 2018 Set To Be A Positive Year For Price of Gold and Investors
– Gold expected to build on 2017 gains into 2018 despite headwind conditions
– Gold has gained more than 9% in the year-to-date
– Monetary policy and policymakers will continue to be ‘significant drivers of gold demand’
– Physical and structural market changes will support gold into 2018
– Goldcore has been at forefront of reporting on major developments in gold market and price
Gold’s had a tough year. This isn’t in reference to price. After all, it has made double-digit gains in some currencies and US Gold futures are up more than 9%. The precious metal has had some harsh criticism from the mainstream media and unfair comparisons to bubblicious assets, such as bitcoin and US equities.

This post was published at Gold Core on December 15, 2017.

Dollar Crisis

This video explores the strong possibility that the US Dollar is in a crisis that is seemingly unrecognized by the Fed. The implications for future price movement in the stock and gold markets is also discussed.

This post was published at GoldSeek on 14 December 2017.

Some Key Reasons Gold Should Shine in 2018

The last few weeks have been tough on gold. If you have a short-term mentality, you might even think the gold market has gone bearish. But as World Gold Council chief market strategist John Reade pointed out in a piece he wrote for the December issue of WGC Gold Investor, 2017 has been good for gold. And he sees some key reasons to believe 2018 will be as well.
The gold price has moved ahead this year, despite rising US interest rates and a persistent bull market in equities. Looking ahead, there are several reasons to believe that gold could maintain upward trajectory. Investor attention may have been focused on US equity markets, technology stocks and cryptocurrencies this year, but gold has still had a decent 2017, delivering double-digit growth in the first 11 months alone. The strong performance is particularly noteworthy in a year when the US has been hiking rates and equities have remained in favor.’
Reade lists several factors he thinks will be bullish for gold in 2018.
First, he takes a similar view others seem to be coming around to in the mainstream – that the US stock market can’t continue going up forever.

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