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Précis du Jour
The Precious Metals Précis du Jour is a highly versatile plugin, which is easily pasted within any website in the world. Sponsorship of this plugin brings visibility that’s unmatched by anything else seen on the web today. The Précis du Jour offers businesses a wide array of advertising options.
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YWide array of market data and interactive charts The Précis du Jour is a compact web portal giving access to a multitude of Precious Metals market data points & interactive graphs.  It’s a one-stop entry point for users to quickly get the latest news & information.
— Overall daily summary tables combined with the ability to “dig deeper” into the details of each data set:
— Interactive charts (Spot prices, ETF stats, US Mint activity, Retail bullion perspective, Daily bullion warehouse inventory and futures market delivery activities, Commitment of Traders data)
— Interactive tables (Bullion warehouse inventory and futures market delivery activities)
— Data from the World Wide Web (Charts & Headlines)
— More data feeds and features to be included dynamically
Your Custom Ads Placed at Top and Bottom of Data Feed Prominent ad placement at the very top of the data feed. Optionally, a lower ad can be placed beneath the last data table.  The results are visually appealing and non-obstructive for the viewing audience.
Sponsor for as Little as 30 Seconds Optional time allotment feature allows you to sponsor for as little as 30 seconds.  Ads from sponsors are randomly selected and sequentially displayed.  Each ad will be displayed for a time period defined by the respective sponsor.
Optional Registration Plugin Copy for Personalized Implementation Optional registration of a plugin pasted within a sponsor’s own web site will allow complete control over the ads presented. Under this scenario, both upper and lower ad placements are optional as well as their display timing. This gives the sponsor’s web page a unique branding opportunity.
Watermark for Your Company Showing Behind Chart Data Data feeds consisting of one or more interactive charts allow for the optional placement of a customized watermark to appear behind the chart data, giving a full-featured and branding appeal to the viewing audience.
Morning Email Delivery to Potential Customers Potential customers are able to sign up for free email delivery of the Précis du Jour.

* Emails are sent out on Tuesday-Saturday at approximately 5:30 AM EST.
* Emails can be tailored with a unique ad placed at the top and an optional feature ad at the bottom (Ads therefore sandwich the data feed, which is respecting of the viewing audience while still allowing a prominent ad display).
* Emails can be sponsored by the day, week or month.
* Links within the data feed of the email point directly back to the sponsor’s web site page, where the online version of the plugin has been pasted. This further allows the sponsor to customize a web page with anything else they want to show potential customers.
Easily Embedded, Highly Customizable HTML Code One of the strongest advantages of the Précis du Jour plugin is that it’s only two lines of HTML code, easily placed within any web site.  Why is this an advantage?  Because when a web site owner pastes the plugin into their own web page, the sponsor ads go wherever the plugin is pasted.  So the viewing audience is expanded to include any web site that hosts the plugin.

The plugin is theme-adaptable, meaning colors and width can be customized for virtually any web theme. And best of all, the plugin is available for free to any web site owner to place within their web pages. This expands the reach of the plugin to virtually limitless potential clientele.

Précis du JourSummary & Pricing
If you would like more information on the Précis du Jour plugin, feel free to contact us.


Precious Metals Market Mini-Charts
Silver Spot from TroyOz.Info These mini charts can be customized with a company-specific watermark and pasted anywhere on the internet. They’re available for the gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets.
Mini-ChartsSummary & Pricing


Banner Ads
728×90 Horizontal Banner Dedicated and/or random placement options.
250×130 Headline Box Dedicated and/or random placement options.
150×150 Sidebar Square Dedicated and/or random placement options.
150×75 Sidebar Half-Square Dedicated and/or random placement options.
All Either provide us with your own code, or work with us to design and create a customized ad feature.
1 Month Promotional AdSummary & Pricing
6 Month Ad CampaignSummary & Pricing

Specific advertising options are listed below. If you would like to know more about our advertising services or have any questions, please contact us.

Note: A wide array of crypto-currencies in addition to conventional methods of payment are accepted in exchange for advertising services. The US dollar equivalent is shown for pricing.

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