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You can customize the colors for the Precious Metals Précis plugin to match your web-site’s current theme. Simply adjust the parameters below until the desired effect is achieved. When you’re ready to implement, hit the Get Code button and copy/paste the code into your web page. See some simple examples here.

If you wish to modify code you've previously set up, paste it below and hit the Load It! button.


Copy/Paste the following HTML Code into your web page

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Information as of   

Precious Metals Spot Summary
Metal Closing on 20-Feb-2013 Latest Price Gold
Price Change
Gold 1,577.00 +12.70 +0.81% 1,573.20 1.00
Silver 28.68 +0.12 +0.42% 28.42 54.99
Platinum 1,614.00 -33.00 -2.00% 1,604.00 0.98
Palladium 732.00 -7.00 -0.95% 732.00 2.15
See more information on precious metals spot performance here

Reserved Area

2 Replies to “HTML Code for Précis Plugin”

  1. Note: If using fancyBox, it’s important to have an onLoad function defined, which initializes the fancyBox settings when the base page finishes loading. Please use one of the following javascript/jQuery code sections in the <head> .. </head> section of your web page:

          $(document).ready(function() {
                $(“.fancybox”).fancybox({‘type’ : ‘image’});


          $(document).ready(function() {
                $(“#TroyOzLBChart”).fancybox({‘type’ : ‘image’});

  2. Note: It has been observed with Lightbox version 2.7.1 that the charts have improper widths – they may appear to be squished. If this happens with your installation, please try editing/changing the css/lightbox.css file…. on line 31 (may be a different line number depending on the version of Lightbox), for the properties of .lightbox .lb-image, comment-out the max-width:inherit; and add in width:auto;

    The result should look something like:
    .lightbox .lb-image {
          width: auto; // Troy Oz fix
          //max-width: inherit; // Troy Oz fix

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