Asian Metals Market Update: December-27-2017

Higher crude oil prices will become a headache for emerging markets currencies and bonds. I am of the view that the lower base prices for nymex crude oil will be at $60 (for 2018) with chances of $86 by July 2018 a very high possibility. Worst case downside risk for crude oil at the moment is at $48 for next year with upside at infinity. Gold always rises in an inflationary environment. Crude oil related inflation can derail fiscal management in Asian nations (including India and Indonesia) with chances of bond market outflows. Interest rate gap will narrow between Asian nations and Eurozone, UK and USA. Narrowing down of interest rate gap can result in massive bond market outflows from some Asian nations, Nations with low foreign exchange reserves could be bear the brunt of indirect currency devaluation.
Every rising investment in crypto currencies will not have any impact on gold and silver prices next year.

This post was published at GoldSeek on 27 December 2017.