Asian Metals Market Update: December-27-2017

Higher crude oil prices will become a headache for emerging markets currencies and bonds. I am of the view that the lower base prices for nymex crude oil will be at $60 (for 2018) with chances of $86 by July 2018 a very high possibility. Worst case downside risk for crude oil at the moment is at $48 for next year with upside at infinity. Gold always rises in an inflationary environment. Crude oil related inflation can derail fiscal management in Asian nations (including India and Indonesia) with chances of bond market outflows. Interest rate gap will narrow between Asian nations and Eurozone, UK and USA. Narrowing down of interest rate gap can result in massive bond market outflows from some Asian nations, Nations with low foreign exchange reserves could be bear the brunt of indirect currency devaluation.
Every rising investment in crypto currencies will not have any impact on gold and silver prices next year.

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India Set to Become World’s Fifth Largest Economy, Leapfrogging France and England

Earlier this month, World Gold Council chief market strategist John Reade said he expects gold to shine in 2018, and one of the primary reasons will be rising income growth in China and India.
A report recently published by the Centre for Economics and Business Research lends support to Reade’s prediction. According to the 2018 World Economic League Table, India will leapfrog France and England in 2018 to become the world’s fifth largest economy in dollar terms. The report also predicted that China will overtake the US as the world’s biggest economy in 2032.
China and India rank as the number one and two gold consuming countries in the world. It stands to reason that strong economic growth and rising income in these Asian nations will boost demand for gold.
According to Reade, China’s income growth is expected to come in at around 6.4% in 2018. And India is expected to be one of the fastest-growing countries in the world next year, expanding at an even faster rate than it did between 2012-2014.
Over the long run, income growth has been the most important driver of gold demand. And we believe the outlook here is encouraging.’

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Why This Canadian City Could Be The Epicenter Of The Next Bitcoin Rush

There is a new Gold Rush 2.0 currently underway across the world, and prospectors have their eyes set on Winnipeg City in Manitoba, Canada.
In 1848 through 1849, the news of gold quickly spread around. People from Hawaii and Latin America were the first to hear the breaking news. Next came the rest of the U. S., Europe, Australia, and China in 1849, as the peak rush was seen in 1852, after gold reserves became harder to mine. The buzz around bitcoin is similar, although information dissemination is now much quicker and as the euphoria of bitcoin mining spreads across the globe, many cryptocurrency players have started their descent onto Manitoba in search of cheap power for their digital mining operations.
The gold rush ushered in the development of California in the 1850s and ultimately it became a state. Roads, churches, schools, and entire towns were built, to house the gold miners who sought nothing more than to extract the yellow metal from the foothills. A similar fate may await one Canadian city.
CBC News has learned that international investors have had interviews with ‘commercial real estate companies, economic development organizations, cryptocurrency industry players and Manitoba Hydro,’ who view the area as a ‘top-tier location’ to open up a mining shop. CentrePort Canada, North America’s largest inland port, offers 20,000 acres of cheap commercial land in Winnipeg, says early interest from Asian investors and South American companies who want to mine cryptocurrencies is currently underway. CentrePort president and CEO Diane Gray said, ‘we’ve had inquiries from very large non-Asian companies, some of which have roots in North America and are looking to expand significantly.’

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Asian Metals Market Update: December-19-2017

I have seen a number of people investing their profits from bitcoins into physical gold and silver. This is the correct investment strategy. Make short term profits from crypto currencies and invest for the long term in gold and silver. Those who say that bitcoins and other crypto currencies will nosedive will regret for not having invested. Bitcoin is not just hype. It is here to stay. Babies born today will never see the physical currencies when grow up. Future kids and future teenagers will be using crypto currencies as a means of exchange as well as means of investment.
Block chain technology is a big human life changer for the world.

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Asian Metals Market Update: December-15-2017

The European central bank meeting was a dud. I do not believe in their inflation targets. The trend for the US dollar is still bearish. Gold and silver can see small periods of big one way rises followed by long periods of consolidation. Copper is bullish. I will prefer to use a buy on dips strategy as long as crude oil trades over $55 for the rest of the day. Global year end travel season will begin from tomorrow. Travel related energy demand will rise for a month.
‘Wolf cry’ this year was the fall in stock markets. ‘Wolf’ never came. When the actual wolf in the form of a bearish trend in global stock markets comes next year, most of the retail investors will be heavily invested in stock markets. Do not sleep on your short term stock investments next year.

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Silk Road Fever Grips The Russian Far East And Boosts Economy

China’s Belt and Road Initiative heralds a new era with mega infrastructure projects dotting the landscape…
If you are looking for the latest breakthroughs in trans-Eurasian geoeconomics, you should keep an eye on the East – the Russian Far East. One interesting project is the new state-of-the-art $1.5 billion Bystrinsky plant. Located about 400 kilometers from the Chinese border by rail and tucked inside the Trans-Baikal region of Siberian, it is now finally open for business.
This mining and processing complex, which contains up to 343 million tonnes of ore reserves, is a joint venture between Russian and Chinese companies. Norilsk Nickel, Russia’s leading mining group and one of the world’s largest producers of nickel and palladium, has teamed up with CIS Natural Resources Fund, established by President Vladimir Putin, and China’s Highland Fund.

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