Gold, Yuan, Or Crypto? Ron Paul Asks ‘What Will Replace Dollar Hegemony?’

All Empires have collaborators and accomplices.
Creditors, vassals, and partners will play ball with the Empire if they see it in their interest to do so.
But once the Empire over-stretches militarily or financially (or both) the search for the exit door begins.
Ron Paul discusses the race to get away from the dollar on today’s Liberty Report…

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Gold Will Soar… As China Kneecaps The Dollar

Authored by Nick Giambruno via,
I recently spoke with my friend and colleague Chris Lowe about China’s new alternative financial system – and how it could mortally wound the US dollar. It was such an important discussion that I had to pass it along.
Using force to compel people to accept money without real value can only work in the short run. It ultimately leads to economic dislocation, both domestic and international, and always ends with a price to be paid. – Former U. S. Congressman Ron Paul
He who holds the gold makes the rules.
– Old saying
Chris Lowe: Why did you start researching the petrodollar system and its potential unraveling?
Nick Giambruno: This has been on my radar since 2006. That’s when Ron Paul, then a Republican congressman, spoke to Congress about the collapse of the dollar-based global monetary system.
As I recently told my Crisis Investing readers, I think it’s his most important speech ever. It’s called ‘The End of Dollar Hegemony.’

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Is Bitcoin Really Stealing Demand For Gold? Here Is Goldman’s Answer

A few days ago we first showed a chart of a dramatic divergence between the price of gold and bitcoin…
… which together with a recent unscientific poll showing that more Ron Paul followers prefer bitcoin to gold…
…prompted many to wonder if bitcoin – whether it is a commodity, currency, commodity-equity hybrid as some suggest, or simply a bubble as its opponents claim daily – was stealing demand for gold.

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