The Key to Profitably Ending Precious Metals Price Suppression And Other Markets Manipulation!

Here we Reveal the heretofore unacknowledged Necessary (but not entirely sufficient) Condition for Profitably (to Investors) ending Precious Metals Price Suppression and other Markets Manipulation.
Even some of the Mainstream Media have now finally acknowledged that the private, for-profit, Federal Reserve-led Globalist Mega Bank Cartel* (Note 1) has long been Involved in suppressing Precious Metals Prices. And recently evidence has appeared that the Central Bankers Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, is involved in Precious Metals Price Suppression as well.
The Mega-Bank Cartel’s profit- and control-driven Goals: Keeping Investors ‘in’ their Fiat Currencies and Treasury Securities, and thus facilitating the Manipulation of Precious Metals, Equities and other Markets (Cartel Note 1). The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has exhaustively documented The Cartel’s Activities (
For example, Cartel cooperation likely explains why even the Swiss National Bank has bought over $100 Billion in Equities! Including over a $Billion in Apple Stock – clearly aimed at supporting the Equities Market.
Clearly, the Globalist (as opposed to Internationalist – a very Important Distinction) Mega-Bankers see Market Interventions, including especially suppressing Gold and Silver Prices, as essential to Maintaining and enhancing their Power and Profits.
Collectively, The Globalists and their Allies and Puppets are The Deep State.
And many Governments cooperate with the Globalists (and/or are their Puppets) by, for example, publishing Bogus Statistics, i.e., Political Numbers. In the U. S. A., for example, the Bogus BLS Statistics are revealed and corrected by (See Note 2 for Real Numbers for Inflation, Unemployment etc. in the U. S. A.) The U. S. A. is not alone in the Bogus Statistics publication Department. There is evidence that China and The European Central Bank and Bank of Japan are in the Political Numbers ‘Club’ as well.

This post was published at GoldSeek on Friday, 24 November 2017.